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Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival: Friday Recap


SheBang (pronounced Sha-bang not She-bang) was hosted by Greg Benrendt. His opening set about his dim, but pretty, daughter was probably not the best choice for a female-dominated comedy show, but I digress.

The lineup for the evening was full of fierce women. Jenny Zigrino hilariously shut down some drunk hecklers before dazzling the crowd with her review of the new plus-size Barbie. Maggie Mae reminded us all that in Texas we can “Beetlejuice” our way into marriage.

Jo Firestone was fearful to have to follow Maria Bamford, but she had nothing to fear. Her comedic style was unique in that it seemed she would burst into tears at any moment, bringing a particular level of emotion to every joke. Debra DiGiovanni was far and away my favorite act of the night. Her energy was palpable and contagious. A full 24 hours later I still find myself giggling over her set. You can see her special “Single, Awkward Female” on Netflix.

The Tinkle Twins

The Townsend on Congress Ave was the venue for The Tinkle Twins show Friday night. Arden Myrin and Dana Gould (aka The Tinkle Twins) hosted the show in what can only be described as the most intimate venue I’ve experienced to date. Being only three feet from the stage, I was completely engrossed by the show.

Erin Foley and Myrin bantered for a bit before Foley’s set and I forgot a few minutes in that I was at a show. I felt like I was sitting on a patio drinking mimosas with my two hilarious friends. They have a podcast called “Will You Accept This Rose” on the Nerdist network. Seriously, go check them out.

Brendon Walsh reminded us that teenagers are always scary and Johnny Pemberton made us all a bit uncomfortable with how similar Bill Clinton and Matthew McConaughey sound.

Andy Kindler. I learned two things about him Friday night. 1. He is the voice of Mort from Bob’s Burgers. 2. If you open a door during his show he will make you pay.  Admittedly bad at transitions, but great at situational comedy.

Gould wrapped up the stand-up portion of the evening with a set on everything from parenting his three girls to Donald Trump.

The Tinkle Twins saved the best for last. The Lampshades are a lounge show duo (but they are not a couple!) comprised of Kate Flannery and Scot Robinson. Their boozy mash-up of “Rocket Man” was a true delight. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram for show updates.

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