Top TV finales to watch in May

Summer is upon us, which means fun in the sun, but also saying goodbye to some of our favorite shows until the fall. We all love to hate the cliffhangers, but it’s what keeps us coming back for more. If we can go unscathed or our favorite character doesn’t die, summer will be easy breezy, if not, well let’s not think about that. Here are four of our favorite shows coming to an end in May.

“Once Upon a Time”

When: Two-hour season finale on Sunday, May 15 at 7/6c on ABC

Tune in: After losing the love of her life (Outlaw Queen-shippers are still crying, right?!), Regina struggles to deal with her grief. Seeing Emma reunited with Hook doesn’t help! Her hatred re-ignites and suddenly everyone in Storybrooke fears the Evil Queen will return. Meanwhile, Henry uses his Author abilities to… erase all magic?! What will our heroes do now?


When: One-hour season finale on Sunday, May 15 at 10/9c on ABC

Tune in: The NATs are graduating! Meanwhile, in the present, Alex and the rest of the FBI team are searching for the terrorist. Who will it be?!

“The 100”

When: Part-two season finale on Thursday, May 19 at 9/8c on The CW

Tune in: The CW released a very vague description for Part Two of “The 100” season finale. “In the season’s epic and mind-bending conclusion, our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation.” We’ve had a few shocking deaths this season and fan outrage, we’re expecting a nail biter of a finale!

“Fear the Walking Dead”

When: One-hour mid-season finale on Sunday, May 22 on AMC

Tune in: The Abigail is finally reaches its destination and trouble looms ahead! “Fear the Walking Dead” has big shoes to fill alongside “The Walking Dead”, but season two has brought the action. Our favorite character thus far is Victor Strand. What will await the group in Mexico and how will they navigate this new journey? We can’t wait to find out!

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