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Game of Thrones: “Book of the Stranger” Recap and Reactions

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

First off, wow. Is it just me or is “Game of Thrones” just killing it this season? Literally and figuratively. After five seasons, for a show to keep getting better is astonishing, “Book of the Stranger” showcases this to the fullest. I can’t describe what I felt in words about this episode, so here are some Twitter reactions and amazing GIFs to portray all our feelings.

Excuse me while I go and pretend I’m not tearing at Sansa and Jon’s heartfelt reunion. (I have something in my eye.) If this didn’t strike the feels in you, I’m a bit worried that you may be a real-life Ramsay Bolton. Talk about a reunion! Sansa and Jon who basically had a non-existent relationship before they left Winterfell are the first of the Stark children to reunite after five seasons. Talk about a very unhappy catch up with family.  Hey, I had a wildling girlfriend, but this little squirt shot an arrow at her, and then stabbed me, so I hung him last night. What’s new with you? Well, I got married…

And can we just talk about Tormund eyeing Brienne like a bear he wants to umm… After all Brienne has gone through, she deserves a bit of fun!

Plus, Ed approves of this new relationship! So go ahead guys, go beyond the wall and get cozy!

Osha, girl, you almost had Ramsay. Almost doesn’t count in “Game of Thrones,” and we will be mourning your loss as will Rickon. Thanks for protecting him as long as you could. RIP OSHA.

We still have six, SIX episodes left. I’m not sure how much I can take, especially now that Jon and Sansa are going to plan a mad attack on Ramsay, maybe they can get some Whitewalkers in on this? At least Littlefinger is going to go “help” Sansa with an army. I’ll get the popcorn ready every night.

I guess it takes breaking into a thousand pieces by one of the most ruthless characters, to nudge your sister and help her to the throne! As long as there’s no more backstabbing Theon, then home sweet home.

Oh Dany, right when you were getting a little stale in Dothraki world, you manage to warm or turn our hearts on fire again! Talk about major girl power! What does this mean for Dany now? She still has a long way to go, but with Tyrion doing the politics, she has a good chance to win the iron throne. Time will tell. For now…

You go girl! Stick it to the patriarchy!

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