ATX TV Fest 2016: Fantasy TV

All fantasy television shows have their own unique rules that dictate the universe of its characters. Moderator Emily Moss Wilson, creative executive of ATX Television Festival, discusses the issues of rules and rule-breaking in respective fantasy shows with Krista Vernoff (writer/producer of “Charmed”), Joanna Klein (SVP of Scripted Development at the CW), and John Wirth (writer/producer of “V” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”).

Recap and photos by ChinLin Pan

Basically, when it comes to creating rules within the universe of your fantasy shows, DON’T BREAK THEM.

Krista Vernoff talks about creating rules for the hit witch drama “Charmed”

If a show does breaks one of its rules and fans catch those, what happens? 

Why is fantasy television so popular? 

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