Fashion in Film: Top 10 Worst Looks

With the upcoming release of director Nicolas Winding Refn’s horror thriller “The Neon Demon,” starring Elle Fanning, we decided to look back at the 10 best and worst fashion looks in our two-part series, Fashion in Film.


Photo credit: Amazon Studios and Broad Green Pictures

List compiled by Catherine Gutierrez

There are the timeless iconic looks of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall,” and there are monstrosities like Ruby Rhod AKA Chris Tucker in “The Fifth Element.” Fashion in film is an important element in rounding out the respective worlds of storytelling. When the audience starts noticing what a character is wearing and thinks that something has gone awry, that’s when fashion has failed the character and the film. Let’s take a look at the top 10 worst looks (in no particular order). This list will focus on more recent films because like in fashion: it’s all about next season.

“No Country for Old Men” (2007)

Image credit: Miramax

Image credit: Miramax

Bobs are in. Bobs on a serial killer—not so much. Bobs and a horrible outfit on top of that. We have huge problems. Serial killers aren’t going to be the most fashionable of folks, but come on! Is he going to kill me with his horrible outfit? If I stare too long, will the bob eat me alive?!

“Zoolander 2” (2016)

Image credit: Wilson Webb/Paramount Pictures

Image credit: Wilson Webb, Paramount Pictures

Evil fashion villains like Mugatu should be over the top, but there’s a fine line. I honestly don’t know what happened here. Somehow fierce and villainous became a velvet, trashy ‘80s nightmare. There’s a time and place for taking a risk, but whatever this is, shouldn’t be on the runway. Derek and Hansel should know better!

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” (2009)

Image credit: James Devaney/

Image credit: James Devaney/

Such bright colors and tailored outfits. You’d think this make for some great New York Fashion right? Wrong. Rebecca Bloomwood is a shopaholic and in some major debt. We’ve all overspent on clothes when we shouldn’t have, but I’ve made better purchases than what she was buying. This isn’t particularly bad—I just couldn’t help thinking with the pink and orange and purple, that she was trying to replicate Velma and Daphne from “Scooby Doo” and not in a good way.

“Insurgent” (2015)

Image credit: Andrew Cooper/Lionsgate

Image credit: Andrew Cooper/Lionsgate

I can understand from a character standpoint why Tris wanted to change her look in the second film in the “Divergent” series, but the styling of her short hair and this collared tank top was something out of a bad ‘90s film. I’m not sure I’d want to join her in a resistance with that outfit.

“Tron” (2010)

Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Oh the dreaded sci-fi futuristic look gone wrong. We may not know what the future holds, I definitely hope this outfit isn’t a part of it. Castor, oh Castor… I’m sure you have limited options when you’re just binary code, but this should be trashed. The white slick hair pulled back is one thing, but the outfit is another. I just can’t imagine a club owner in binary wearing this.

“Thor: The Dark World”  (2013)

Image credit: Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios

Image credit: Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios

It must be hard to dress in a world of superheroes and Thor is the main priority in these films, but more attention should have been paid to the ladies of Asgard. I guess there’s no fashion sense in Asgard? All three ladies look like they have been placed in costumes, which is not a good thing. When you can notice, something has gone terribly wrong.

“X-Men: First Class” (2011)

Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Oh January Jones. Betty Draper would have known better! Given that “X-Men: First Class” takes place in the ‘60s, I get it. But still, there was nothing better than white leather and go-go boots and a bra? Major fail for a villainous mutant with ice powers.

“You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”

Image credit: Columbia Pictures

Image credit: Columbia Pictures

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a need to say much here. The tacky shirt, the sandals. Cringe, cringe, cringe…

“Sex and the City 2” (2010)

Image credit: MMIX New Line Productions, Inc

Image credit: MMIX New Line Productions, Inc

The ladies of New York are known for their fashion forward style both in the TV series and films, but I beg to differ. What’s with the cowboy, Miranda? And what is Samantha trying to pull off? And Charlotte is trying to bring the ‘80s back in retro dessert attire. No, honey. It looks quite silly on the screen. Sometimes simple is better, ladies.

“Jurassic World” (2015)

Image credit: Universal Pictures

Image credit: Universal Pictures

In “Jurassic Park,” the characters wore appropriate attire that one would wear when visiting a dinosaur park. Fast forward to “Jurassic World” for the silliest fashion: I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole time. Claire ran in high heels and a skirt the whole time. I know what you’re thinking: this isn’t a huge fashion statement or anything, but seriously, when the outfit doesn’t fit the world, we have issues. Huge dinosaur chasing fashion faux pas in any reality.

Stay tuned for the top ten best looks in our Fashion in Film series.

“The Neon Demon” comes out in theaters June 24. 

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