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Game of Thrones: “Battle of the Bastards” recap

Warning: spoilers ahead! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Dragons. Women in power. The most epic battle ever to play out on a television screen. Last night’s “Game of Thrones” brought everything we could have hoped for and it was glorious!

Recap by Catherine Gonzales and ChinLin Pan

She’s back, y’all!

Daenerys is finally back in Meereen, just in time when the Masters of Slaver’s Bay attack the coast and pyramid and demand her to surrender. She and Tyrion meet the Masters face-to-face and demand them to surrender. With the help of her dragons (the other two broke out of the dungeon), Dany and co. wreaked havoc. The Masters surrendered but not before Grey Worm killed two of them with a single stroke from his dagger. BEAST. Also, the CGI and visual effects of the dragon scenes were off the charts.

A queen duo?! We’ll definitely ship these two.

Yara and Theon ditched the Iron Islands when their twisted Scar-like Uncle Euron killed their father and took the Salt Throne (which Yara earned through a democratic vote). They arrived to Meereen seeking Daenerys’ help to take back their throne. Dany agrees as long as Yara supports her claim to the Iron Throne. Detected a lot of sexual tension there… Two lovely ladies in charge with lots in common. Wink wink. This ship needs to happen.

Bastard vs. Bastard

The writers have said since the beginning that this season would feature the most epic battle we’ve ever seen on “Game of Thrones” so far and they did not disappoint. Jon Snow is a spitting image of his father (maybe he’s not the father, this is TBD), but he’s grown up to be what Ned stood for: honor, loyalty, and going out fighting for what he believes to be right.

Sansa knew Ramsay would be playing games and didn’t save hope for Rickon, since she knew he was dead already. She doesn’t mention the fact that she called her (probably much older love interest) Lord Baelish for help. That would’ve been a great “insight” to tell your brother before he went to go slaughter himself because he thought he had no one else coming!

As for the battle itself, we’ve seen our share of war movies and love a great battle scene and this was EPIC beyond measure, especially when you factor in that this is a TELEVISION show, not a film! The anxiety we felt watching this was off the charts. The battle was well-directed—Kudos to Miguel Sapochnik!—as it followed Jon, in the midst of chaos, horses flying past, having to double take to make sure he was killing the enemy and not his own men and oh yeah, making sure not to get hit by the arrows flying overhead!

This was classic “Game of Thrones” played out on a battlefield. You can be the best swordsman but that doesn’t matter when you have to battle an enemy that plays in low blows. It’s all about luck. Luckily, Littlefinger’s army from the Vale showed up during the “300” moment that would have been sure death for Jon and co.

Ramsay. Oh Ramsay, arrogant until the end. You have to admire that: if there’s anything to admire at all. He seriously thought he might have a chance to get out and managed to put the last arrow in our favorite giant, Wun Wun, before getting beat to a pulp by Jon. As much as I would’ve loved to see Jon smash Ramsay in, I loved that hesitation when he saw Sansa watching. This was HER kill. And oh did it end poetically.

Although I’m glad she got satisfaction in killing Ramsay with his own savage dogs, we felt like Ramsay might have won this one. She has turned on the ways of the Stark and has adopted the scheming of Littlefinger and the ruthlessness of Ramsay to win her battles. But at what cost?

The season finale of “Game of Thrones” airs Sunday June 26.

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