A look at Lake Abant in Turkey

Abby Cota and her husband Giray Gunes traveled to Turkey and are currently in North Carolina. They are contributing and sharing their adventures on Shuffle Online on Snapchat @ShuffleOnline. 

Photos by Abby Cota and Giray Gunes

Giray and I took a short drive from Ankara to Bolu’s Lake Abant. This lake is about two hours from Ankara and is definitely worth the drive. The weather was an amazing 60° F, which was great to have in the middle of summer especially with the fresh smell of the mountain pines. It was such a delightful little treat spending time here.

Lake Abant was formed due to a large landslide.

There were many cows from a nearby village grazing throughout the mountains which made this place all the more magical. It felt like a little piece of heaven.

Lake Abant

There was a little old man weaving these flower crowns from flowers he had picked up in the mountains.

About Abby

I’m Abby and a new contributor for Shuffle Online. I like eating, spontaneous adventures and watching cat videos on YouTube (yes, in that order). I have skydived, swam with sharks and have bungee jumped.   You’ll find me over on the Shuffle Snapchat where I’ll be sharing my favorite eats, travel and more. Follow my blog, The Spotted Bannana here

Stay tuned for more travel adventures on Shuffle Online on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @ShuffleOnline. 

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