Ace Hood is back! “Starvation 5” Review

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering, “what ever happened to Ace Hood?” The Florida-raised rapper showed extreme promise back in 2013 with his hit single, (which went certified platinum), “Bugatti.” However, that hype has long since died down and it’s absolutely noticeable. That being said, “Starvation 5” is Ace’s biggest and most important project to date as he reemerges onto the scene in hopes to once again claim the throne; but, as Meek Mill famously stated, “there’s levels to this shit.”


Clearly what Meek was trying to say is that claiming the throne isn’t as easy as making one great track-or even one great project, for that matter. Being a legend in hip-hop requires the perfect amount of patience, preparation and execution. Ironically enough, though, we rarely ever see a talent in which all three of those characteristics are present. However, Ace Hood has always had that potential, and now, being 28 years old, is his opportunity to prove that to all of us.


“Starvation 5” is, without a doubt, his best project to date, and any hip-hop fan who has listened to Ace’s previous work would most likely agree. What makes this project so much better than the others is the fact that Ace has finally stepped outside his comfort zone by advancing his personal narrative. Instead of just giving us a mixtape filled with songs that only show off his lyrical ability and flow, “Starvation 5” is compiled with songs that seem more political and outspoken. Sure, rapping about partying, women and drugs is most likely something that will always stay within hip-hop, but as an artist, you do have the freedom to decide your identity.

Ace has shown us that he’s not just limited to tracks without any real substance, and, to be honest, that was the best thing he could have done in a game ruled by conscious elitists such as J. Cole and Kendrick. Overall, “Starvation 5” is a great project, and indeed shows us that Ace is starving to be back on top once again, like he was in 2013. If you’re an avid fan, then you can absolutely just dive into it. If not, here are four tracks I recommend checking out first:

4th Quarter

This track is perfect for Ace’s style of rap because who else would have a song dedicated to the similarities between work ethic and legendary basketball players? Anyone who has listened to Ace’s previous projects would not be surprised by this, as his 2nd promotional “Starvation 5” single goes hard in the paint (no pun intended). Produced by The Mekanics & Smash David, the production on “4th Quarter”  is crisp and invigorating, giving the listener a feeling of invincibility, so to speak. This is the perfect track to play on a cool Friday night while you’re driving around with the squad.

Go Mode ft. Rick Ross

I was pumped when I saw that “Go Mode” had a Rick Ross feature. In my opinion, one of the better sounding hip-hop duos of today, even though the two artists have only teamed up a handful of times. Something about Ace’s vicious, attack-styled flow mixed with Ross’ smooth, kingpin-sounding voice makes me want to drive a car on the highway going 100 mph. Ultimately, “Go Mode” is a warning to any haters the two artists may have-more specifically, a challenge, as Ace and Ross have verses dedicated to having shooters as backup in case a situation gets real.

King Kong ft. Bruno Mali

One of the more underrated songs off of “Starvation 5”, Ace teams up with rapper Bruno Mali and producer DJ Montay to bring us a track that’s all about flaunting success. Even though “King Kong” lacks any real substance, it’s clear that Ace truly sees himself as a real life King Kong-which, in the hip-hop community, is actually a dope comparison. Forget the whole “I’m the top dog” idea, Ace is explicitly going all-or-nothing as he proclaims to be the infamous giant gorilla which runs rampant on New York City, destroying anything and everything that stands in his way.

She Loves ft. Fabulous

As of late, it seems as though Fabulous had the same predicament that Ace Hood is currently going through. It feels as if I haven’t seen or heard about Fab in so long, but alas, he teams up with Ace on “She Loves,” which is actually a song about settling down with “the one.” This comes as a surprise to me, especially considering that hip-hop is almost always speaking about women in the opposite way. Produced by The Mekanics & Smash David (who else?), both Fab and Ace spit verses about finding a woman who isn’t focused on how much fame or fortune they have, but about loving them for who they are. The song fits perfectly on “Starvation 5,” since a huge part of it is about being the king of hip-hop. Fab goes on to say in his verse “So I told Ace every king need a queen,” which perfectly molds Ace’s message of greatness with settling down and finding someone to love.

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