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Wizard World Austin 2016 Recap

Walking through aisles of cosplayers, exhibitors, artists and celebrities is never a dull weekend. Wizard World Austin 2016 had some great moments and we enjoyed meeting talented artists, video game developers, and of course, some celebrities. Take a look at some highlights from the weekend!

MiniBotz the Game

I was fortunate enough to stumble by the booth for MiniBotz the Game, an arcade game where you can choose from four different characters to fight off cute Gummy Bears. Yes, you heard correctly, not evil Gummy Bears, but colorful bright bears. I talked to the developers and asked, “Why Gummy Bears for a foe,” they simply responded with, “Why not Gummy Bears?” Fair enough. Check out the game here.

Photo credit: Patrick Nye
Photo credit: Patrick Nye

Artists Alley

Andrew Heath

My favorite part from comic cons are meeting the artists and seeing their very unique work, whether it be a reimagining of the Marvel characters you love or a flashback to the “vintage” toys we grew up with. By “we” I mean 90s kids who know what the original gameboy looks like as pictured in Andrew Heath’s designs. To see more of his work, check out his website here.

Photo credit: Catherine Gutierrez/Pictured: Artist Andrew Heath

Kiri Leonard

Walking through Artist Alley can get a bit repetitive in seeing a lot of the same comic book characters, but there are some hidden gems like Kiri’s work. I am a big fan of snail mail AKA sending postcards, so her postcards that are literally “snails” on mail really stood out to me and I just had to get her Halloween theme pack. To order some of your own, check out her website here.



The Panels

Even better than just seeing art, we also get to hear some great conversations about the world of television, film and the ever changing mediums. There was a great panel about “Synergy and Psychology: TV, Film, Books, and Video Games Collide.” It was a very interesting panel and really made me leave thinking about how all these different types of mediums are not only a great way to bring about art, but also need to each be taken seriously.

Also, Eric Kieron had a great point, that TV series, video games, etc. tend to run out of ideas and then make the journey to space. Very good point!

And lastly, we attended Xandar from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” AKA actor Nicholas Brendon’s Q&A. After not only going through his podcasts that featured a never ending list of crime and missing persons, he also gave us a rendition of “I’ll never Tell.” This song was featured on the musical episode of Buffy. Check out Nicholas’ singing chops with a very excited fan!

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