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What we want in “Stranger Things” Season 2

Warning: may contain spoilers from “Stranger Things” Season 1

The Netflix renewal of “Stranger Things” season 2 has given us life! Netflix confirmed what we already knew would happen, although in my opinion they dragged it out a bit too long, eh? Now that we know we’re getting nine more episodes of 80s nostalgia, here are a few things I’d like to see or get answered in the Duffer Brothers second go-around.

Eleven and her badass self!


Did “Ele” die at the end? Or was the monster a recreation of herself? So many questions and not enough answers! We’re hoping they dive into this in the next installment and make “Ele” an even more powerful wizard-like being and let us know exactly what was done to her to get these powers! Will Papa make a surprise appearance? Dun dun dun!

Origins of the Upside Down


We learned some of what the Upside Down is, but it was merely touched upon besides it being an in-between-like shadow world that exists to only a few creatures. Apparently, there’s also some “Stargate”-like qualities to it, since a portal can be opened and Pandora’s box can be unleashed. What is lurking in the Upside Down besides Demogorgons? We can’t wait to find out!

Why did Nancy go back to Steve, will there be a Jonathan takeover?


I’m kind of on the fence here. I love the fact that Nancy was not a damsel in distress and Steve was not a complete douchebag, but what about Jonathan? He tagged team to take down the monster with Nancy, where feelings were obviously formed. It makes sense in a way. I guess her telling her brother that “it’s not like that” was really true and not just the stereotypical movie lie? Time will tell in the second season.

Everyone’s favorite: Barb!


There’s been an outrage and fan pouring out for Barb’s “end” in the series. The faithful friend got the axe, or so we think she did, since the corpse that was found by the sheriff, wasn’t exactly clear. What if that was another teenager? As for us, we’re hoping good ole’ Barb shows up again, since Nancy owes her an apology!

Another rad soundtrack

On the verge of Daft Punk meets all your favorite 80s flicks, the soundtrack to the series was one of the best parts of the overall experience! Even cooler is the fact that the band S U R V I V E hails from Austin, Texas. Way to Keep Austin Weird and iconic by contributing to this masterpiece of nostalgia. More synthesizer!

Our favorite nerds, Will, Lucas, Mike and Dustin!


The show did a great job casting the young actors in the series. How did they find kids who look like they could’ve been from the 80s? I mean I know there’s the costume and set design, but they really fit their roles and played them to a tee! Their camaraderie felt natural and in part contributed to the fact that the series did so well, because we are invested in their fight to help their friend and uncover the truth! *cue music* Also, will Will turn full Demogorgon on them?!

90s queen Winona Ryder


Last but not least, we NEED Winona Ryder to come back in the second season. I’m so happy a new generation now knows who ruled the 90s. Ryder played Will Byers’ mom with craziness, passion, and authenticity. I hope this is the start of an epic comeback because it’s well-deserved!

What are you looking forward to in season 2? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or tweet us @ShuffleOnline!


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