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Meet Alice Z. Xie, the artist behind Apocalyss Art

Artwork by Alice Z. Xie
Artwork by Alice Z. Xie

When you’ve been to as many comic cons as us (we’ve lost count!), you get to meet so many different types of comic con artists whose artwork knock your socks off. We came across Alice Z. Xie of Apocalyss Art at Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days and we just had to take a moment to get acquainted with the artist.

Interview questions by ChinLin Pan

What’s the story behind the name “Apocalyss Art”?

Alice: It’s a combination of “apocalypse” and my name, Alice. I love post-apocalyptic stories and fashion, so I incorporated that into my name (and it’s a shame it’s not more socially appropriate to dress like I’m living in the aftermath of nuclear warfare in everyday fashion, but that’s ok because my wallet thanks society for that).

What is your creative process?

Alice: My process changes a lot depending on my mood. Sometimes I’ll browse Pinterest for forever looking for reference and inspiration pictures. Sometimes I’ll thumbnail or draw practice sketches of the subject before I start working. But for the most part, I throw things onto a screen until something works out.

Artwork by Alice Z. Xie
Artwork by Alice Z. Xie

Which artists have influenced your work?

Alice: Omg, yes! Please let me list my art-senpais. Elena and Olivia Ceballos (elioli) for starters. I love their work so much. I’m inspired a lot by lighting, and they use lighting so well I want to cry. The lighting itself tells a story; they’re brilliant. Then there’s Yan Qin Weng (andatsea). If I started listing all the reasons I love her work, I’d accidentally turn this Q&A into a novel. With every single piece she draws, I feel like I can stare at it forever and be at peace with the world. Lastly, Cyril Rolando. I initially learned most of my color theory from his tutorials and work, and his usage of color just slays me.

What are your favorite fandoms (past or current)? I noticed you focus a lot of Etsy items on Marvel and Pokemon. Are there other fandoms which you’ll produce new artwork?

Alice: I am so deep into the Marvel fandom that if I fell any deeper, I’d end up in Australia. I stopped drawing for the first two years of college because I was so overwhelmed, but I joined the Marvel fandom and created a lot of art for it, and it’s what got me drawing again. The fandom is so big, so there’s always new ideas coming and going, and I’ve made so many friends because of it. It’s an honor to be a part of. I’m currently in “Voltron”-hell and “Yuri!!! on Ice” – hell. I expect I’ll start making art for that pretty soon – when this school semester ends, I think. I’ve drawn several dozen sketches of figure skaters already. I’ve also unbuckled my seat belt and yanked out my steering wheel in preparation for the levels of fandom hell I’m going to crash dive into. I also just watched “Code Geass,” and I loved it so much. I apparently picked a really good time to get into that because season three just got announced (!!!!!).

Artwork by Alice Z. Xie
Artwork by Alice Z. Xie

I see you have a 2017 calendar ready for pre-orders. Is this your first calendar? What was the concept or inspiration behind the artwork?

Alice: No, Bioluminescence is my second calendar. I’ve wanted to make this calendar for a long time, and I’ve only now reached a skill level where I could do it justice. I wanted to combine my love for lighting and color to explore nature as a source of magic, whimsy, and awe. I think I very much succeeded in doing the concept justice 🙂

Are you working on any projects for 2017?

Alice: I don’t know yet. I want to draw a lot of cats though, so you might see a lot of cats from me in 2017.

Any upcoming comic cons you’ll attend?

Alice: My 2017 con schedule isn’t finalized yet, but these are the ones I’m going to so far: Ikkicon (Austin), Wizard World New Orleans, Anime Matsuri (Houston), Kami-Con (Birmingham, Alabama), Anime Boston, Anime Central (Chicago), Heroescon (Charlotte, North Carolina), Anime Expo (Los Angeles), Indy Popcon (Indianapolis).

You can follow Apocalyss Art on Etsy, Instagram, Tumblr, and DeviantArt.

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