UK band Everywhere delivers “fun, cohesive” sophomore EP

everywhere-fiction-actUK alternative band Everywhere has released their sophomore EP “Fiction Act” which is now available for purchase and streaming. It’s a four-track EP featuring their lead single, “Some Other Dude.” The album is short but cohesive, and a fun listen for anyone who enjoys indie pop/rock.

Review by Jackie Ruth

The EP opens with “Shades at Night,” a song with a steady but fairly fast pace and a beat resembling a cantering horse. Leading up to the chorus, there’s reverb on the vocals that adds to the great sound mixing. The instrumentals and vocals play equal parts throughout the track, with neither of them overshadowing the other. The chorus of “Shades of Night” is catchy, and it wouldn’t be surprising for them to release this as a follow-up single.

The second track on the EP is “Heroine,” which opens with a poppier sound reminiscent of M83 or Passion Pit. That sound is threaded throughout the song but never becomes overbearing or sounds out of place. “Heroine” has a good beat to it and the lyrics seem to be a play on words for “heroine,” a female hero, and “heroin,” a drug.

Everywhere’s single, “Some Other Dude,” is the penultimate track on their new EP and it’s easy to see why it was chosen as the lead single. It’s a catchy, upbeat and easily danceable song that can appeal to listeners of a variety of genres. It features vocal harmonizing in parts, which is a popular route for the indie pop/rock scene and blends very well on this track.

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“Let It Go” wraps up “Fiction Act” with a slightly more laid-back sound and a slower pace than the first three tracks. Though many may think of the popular “Frozen” song when hearing that title, it’s very different—it has an updated ‘80s new wave vibe. There’s a nice touch in the bridge where the vocals are nearly isolated, with just a backing piano tune. The percussion, guitars and keyboards in “Let It Go” blend well and even sound great when each of them get a moment to shine.

One of the producers who worked with Everywhere on “Fiction Act” is Mark Needham, who has also worked with indie hit-makers The 1975 and The Killers. Anyone who enjoys those bands and other, similar sounds will enjoy this EP. The biggest complaint might be that it ends too soon, and hopefully we get to hear more from Everywhere in the near future.

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