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Sharing the Struggle: Family and the Holidays

Dear June,

I am going home this Christmas and I am not looking forward to it for one reason….TRUMP.  My family are all huge Trump supporters and are celebrating his recent election while I am completely devastated.  I can’t even watch the news right now because his face makes me physically ill.  I have found that I can’t even express my grief on my own social media without my family picking a fight with me.  I used to love going home.  Now, I am terrified that this election will ruin my view of the people I love.  Please help.

-I’m Still With Her


I’m Still With Her,

Our country (at least the sane and culturally responsible half) is in mourning.  We have lost several things.  We lost our faith in our fellow countrymen.  We lost our confidence in the political system.  Women have lost 50 years in their reproductive rights.  The LGBT community has lost major gains in their civil rights.  We deserve some time to come to terms with what this election will mean for our country.


You have a right to feel your feelings.  For now, keep your feelings private.  Instead of using Facebook as an outlet, do all of us a favor and get involved.  Find out when the next city council meeting is and plan to be there.  If you aren’t registered to vote, go register and never miss a local or state election.


As for your trip home, go home.  You are an adult.  You made an adult decision that you do not have to defend to anyone.  You need to have faith that you voted for a candidate that stood for what you believe in.  Trump supporters are not considered to be the most forward-thinking people, so to quote Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high.”  Change the subject.  Leave the room.  Or, let it be known ahead of time that this topic is off the table when you come home.  Better yet, take a like minded-friend home with you for back-up.

Above all, remember you are not alone.  

Best of Luck,

June Spence

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June was born and raised in the south where “bless your heart” is an insult. Self professed serial dater and an expert in all matters of the heart. June also enjoys volunteering, dancing and sewing.

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