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Interview: Multilingual folk and soul band Ley Line

Ley Line is an all-female multilingual folk and soul band from Austin, Texas, influenced by music from North and South America. Band members include Kate Robberson (ukulele, vocals, bells and whistles), twin sisters Madeleine Froncek (stand up bass and vocals) and Lydia Froncek (percussion and vocals) and  Emilie Basez (guitar, ukulele and vocals).  If you’re wondering why there is no “lead” vocalist it’s because the group all shares that role.  It’s rare to see an all-female band in the music industry because, like Lydia says in the interview, women are pitted against each other in our society. It’s nice to see that they are breaking the mold and creating soulful music.

I was able to catch their set at SoFar Sounds Austin before I interviewed them and it was a very calming experience. Even though their music is in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English there is something unifying about it all that makes you present in the moment. There were probably about 40 or so people at the show held at Collide ATX.  Right before playing one of their songs, the ladies asked everyone to close their eyes and take a few breaths. I had never experienced that at a show before and it was amazing. It makes everyone come together to enjoy the experience and not be distracted by outside influences. To get all those people to close their eyes and be present with them on stage speaks to what Ley Line is all about. Check out the full interview below!

Ley Line released their debut album “Field Notes” in 2016 and have released a new single titled Respiração. To get all the latest updates on where to see Ley Line next and listen to more music visit their website:

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