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Top 6 Christmas-themed anime episodes to watch

Anime may not necessarily come to mind when creating your holiday queue TV and movie binge list. But if you’re looking for some alternatives to watching “Home Alone” and “The Santa Clause” for the 20th time, you’re in luck! Here are top six Christmas-themed anime TV episodes and movies from a variety of genres stemming from wild comedy, to critically acclaimed drama that will be a fun addition to the usual Christmas TV and movies this year!  

“Martian Successor Nadesico,” Episode 13

Credit: Nozomi Entertainment

Opens with one of most absurd moments in the series history as the Nadesico’s First Officer and Chief Engineer stand in front of a giant Christmas tree and the show then breaks the fourth wall for the heck of it. Meanwhile, the show’s hero, pilot/cook Akito is dealing with a love square because anime, and what better time for a love triangle on a starship than Christmas.

“Azumanga Daioh,” Episode 17

Credit: Sentai Filmworks

This series is wild, so why should their take on Christmas be any different. The episode starts with a discussion of Pandas and devolves from there. Chiyo-chan still believes in Santa and that leads to a debate over his existence which ends in a strange fashion, followed later by a debate over whether Reindeer exist. Then karaoke.

“Cardcaptor Sakura,” Episode 35

Credit: NIS America

One of the beautiful CLAMP series that doesn’t veer into awfulness. Heroic Sakura goes on a date at the amusement park and as happens when anime character visits amusement parks either a fight a starts or hilarity ensues. This time it’s a fight and Sakura pulls a reverse Jadeite putting the crowd to sleep so she can do great battle. Because it’s not any of CLAMP’s other animes, Sakura survives and is able to give her beau his Christmas gift.

“Super Dimensional Fortress Macross,” Episode 35

Credit: A&E Networks

For a twist, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. How does Christmas get celebrated during a giant space war? This way. Fighter pilot, but not a cook, Hikaru has to deal with his love triangle with idol star Minmay and SDF officer Misa Hayes as the remaining baddies from the Zentradi attack. Meanwhile the stable couple of the group, Max and Milia, who met while trying to kill each other, have to fend off the enemy in the penultimate episode of the series, meaning they might not survive it.

“Polar Bear Cafe,” Episode 37

Credit: TV Tokyo

This series is bananas and Christmas will be bananas as well. This series which features a Panda protagonist with his friends, Penguin, and Llama, and of course Polar Bear. Penguin steals each scene he’s in.

“Is The Order A Rabbit,” Episode 11

Credit: Showgate

A very highly regarded episode among anime Christmas episodes. The show which focuses on a group of young women who work at The Rabbit House cafe celebrates Christmas with pancakes and the show’s lead trying to be Santa Claus, failing but succeeding at the same time.

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