“The Office” Revival: Yay or Nay?

According to TVLine, sources are saying that NBC might be looking at a revival of hit sitcom “The Office.” While the network itself has not confirmed or commented on anything, we do have an idea of what would or would not be a part of the revival.

The sources who spoke with TVLine said that the show would still be based at the Scranton, Pennsylvania, office of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The cast, however, is a bit up-in-the-air. It’s reported that the revival series would have both old and new cast members involved, but there is one sure thing: Steve Carell’s Michael Scott will not be there. For those who watched the original series and felt the quality of the show lessened in the post-Michael Scott episodes, that’s a pretty big letdown, however predictable.

The past few years have seen several successful revivals, among them “Twin Peaks: The Return,” and some that have been less popular, like “Will and Grace” and “The X-Files.” One thing that all of those have had in common, though, was the original cast coming back. The strength of most shows relies on the casting, no matter how great the story or setting, so to do away with that aspect would likely weaken the show as a whole. That’s not even to mention that a mystery series like “Twin Peaks” makes sense for a revival, while “The Office” ran 9 full seasons and wrapped up neatly in its series finale.

Of course fans of “The Office” had a lot of opinions on the news, but not everyone agrees on whether it should happen. If you search Twitter for ‘The Office revival,’ you’ll find popular posts in which people are celebrating the news with animated .gifs from the show and ideas of what should or might take place in a revival. You’ll also find people who are not pleased with the talk of “The Office” coming back, especially without Michael G. Scott. But oddly enough, you’ll even find people who appear to be in the middle of the debate, expressive ambivalence about it.

I personally think NBC should leave “The Office” alone, and let the 9 existing seasons of the show be the end of it. We’ve seen what Scranton is like without the antics of Michael Scott, and it was typically pretty good at best. Do we really need to see what Jim, Pam & Darryl are up to in Austin? Do we need to follow Kevin, Meredith, or Creed more closely? The mystery of Creed Bratton is what makes him such a great character! I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch if there was a revival, because “The Office” sometimes feels like home, but it is unnecessary for me.

Right now, we still haven’t heard any confirmation from NBC about the project, so there’s nothing to worry about/celebrate. Meanwhile, I personally would like to suggest revivals for series that arguably need them more (“Pushing Daisies,” anyone?).

But we would love to hear what you think about the potential of this series revival, so please let us know in the comments or on social media!

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