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5 Upcoming Manga Series to Check Out

In the ever growing world of manga titles, a variety of new series are making their debut releases in America very soon. Here are five fun series that have attracted critical attention or have been very popular during their initial releases in Japan. Several of these books feature creators many will be well aware of. Snatching up a volume one now means there will be no need to catch up later!

“Kaguya-Sama: Love is War!”

Kaguya-Sama Love is War
Photo credit: Aka Akasaka & Viz

Kaguya and Miyuki are the brilliant leaders of their school student council, they are also in love, but neither wants to admit it due to pride. Their solution is to try to make the other admit it first setting off a “war” between the two. While this is not exactly healthy behavior it has the potential to be fun to watch from the outside. The apparent backwards approach the two are taking is innovative. The trope of two people in love being awkward for fear of it being revealed and the other not reciprocating is also turned on its head. The series was created by Aka Akasaka. Akasaka was the designer of a the art for a Vocaloid, IA. The English version will be released by Viz date on March 6, 2018.

“Mermaid Boys”

Mermaid Boys
Photo credit: Yomi Sarachi & Viz

A twist on the familiar tale created by Yomi Sarachi of “Steins;Gate” fame. This time a young prince who lives under the sea, falls in love with a human woman. Obviously his next course of action is to find a way to gain some legs. What will happen next is anyone’s guess. Yen Press is publishing the English release, which is set for March 2018.


Photo credit: Mitsuro Kubo & Kodansha

This series created by Mitsurō Kubo, who is known for writing the mega successful anime “Yuri On Ice,” focuses on a temp worker named Yukiyo who at 30 has never had a girlfriend, but suddenly women in his life start reaching out to him. Moteki is a term to describe one and only one time when one is popular with the opposite sex. (Obviously this term unfortunately assumes an obsolete binary structure.) Presumably hijinks will ensue in a rare series set in adulthood. The manga which ran from 2008-2010 was ranked highly in sales during its run and spawned both a live action television series and a film. Kubo has shown her great ability to write stories about adult characters. The English release is coming from Kodansha on April 3, 2018.


City Keiichi Arawi
Photo credit: Keiichi Arawi & Kodansha

Another bizarre comedy from Keiichi Arawi who is well known for his work on the award-winning “Nichijou”. Nagumo, a college student, is the main character in a strange city, hence the title. It is expected to be in a similar style to the “Nichijou” which also focused on an ensemble cast in a strange environment. That series had a long manga run and inspired an anime as well. There is a definite “Azumanga Daioh” vibe to the artwork and plotting. Kodansha will be releasing the English version to presumably city, suburb, and rural dwellers on March 27, 2018.

“Sorry for My Familiar”

Sorry for My Familiar Tekka Yaguraba
Photo credit: Tekka Yaguraba & Seven Seas

Created by Tekka Yaguraba, the series follows a young demon named Patty who is not powerful enough to summon an animal familiar in a conventional way. As everyone in the demon world has one, this is an issue until she chooses an eccentric adult human named Norman. Patty is out to find her father and Norman is fascinated, perhaps too much, by exotic life forms. The manga is described by the publisher as an “adventure driven by their shared weirdness.” Shared weirdness sounds like a winning combination. The series began in Japan in 2016 and is still going. Seven Seas is publishing the English version and release date is set for March 13, 2018.

What manga are you currently reading or looking forward to? Let us know! 

Featured Image Credit: Viz 

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