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In Bloom 2018: U.K. Rockers Wolf Alice Remind Us that Grunge is Still Relevant

In Bloom Music Festival brought us artists of all genres, including (but not limited to) indie pop, indie rock, electronic pop, hip hop, rap, R&B, EDM, alternative, and many more. However, when it came to that grungy, alternative rock genre many have come to forget about, there was one band that stood out: Wolf Alice.

Wolf Alice at In Bloom 2018 | Photo by Leigh Kettle

Wolf Alice is a four-piece band from London, including the fierce Ellie Rowsell on vocals and guitar, Joff Oddie on guitar and vocals, Theo Ellis on bass, and Joel Amey on drums and vocals. The band’s sounds is a bit difficult to describe but is essentially alt-rock at the core.

Roswell brings both shoegaze and grunge to the mix with her voice that can sound both and ethereal and screamo. If you’ve listened to them before, you know that her screaming bits are shocking (in the best way possible, of course). As weird as it might sound, she is basically a dreamy punk-rock angel.

Wolf Alice at In Bloom 2018 | Photo by Leigh Kettle

Songs in performed during their set included the following:

  1. Moaning Lisa Smile
  2. Yuk Foo
  3. You’re a Germ
  4. Lisbon
  5. Don’t Delete The Kisses
  6. Bros
  7. Beautifully Unconventional
  8. Formidable Cool
  9. Sadboy
  10. Space & Time
  11. Visions Of A Life
  12. Fluffy
  13. Giant Peach

Their most popular track at the moment, “Don’t Delete The Kisses,” is my personal favorite. If you haven’t listened to it before, I highly recommend you do; it’s moving, empowering, and tells a story about love that we can all relate to. (I may or may not have listened to it three times while writing this…)

My face was nearly melted off by the end of the set. I mean, I knew they would be great performers, but man… I didn’t know they would be that amazing, and I must say that their show got me back on the punk-rock bandwagon. Thank you, Wolf Alice, for sharing your extraordinary tunes with us in Houston last weekend!

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