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In Bloom 2018: Sylvan Esso Sparked A Dance Fest in the Crowd

I can’t remember when I was introduced to Sylvan Esso, which is a surprise to me given I typically always remember those sort of things. However I was introduced, I am forever grateful for and am even more grateful that I finally (after years of waiting) had the opportunity to see them at In Bloom Music Festival in Houston this past week.

For those unfamiliar, Sylvan Esso is comprised of the lovely Amelia Randall Meath and fantastic Nicholas Sanborn. I’d say they are a electric pop band (I guess that’s technically the genre?), but that doesn’t come close to sufficing. Sylvan’s music surpasses all definitions of the standard “electric pop” with their witty yet raw lyrics and unique, heart-jolting synth hook that immediately gets you dancing.

Their performance didn’t fall short of expectations. In fact, it surpassed all. Meath charmed the crowd with her mesmerizing voice and dance moves that had us all thinking, “DAMN, how does she do that? She must be getting a fantastic leg work out right now.” Meanwhile, Sanborn shook us with his ingenious beats that will forever be stuck in our heads (and we ain’t mad about it).

Their set list included the following (bolded with links are my personal favorites):

    1. Sound
    2. Could I Be
    3. Kick Jump Twist
    4. Dress
    5. Signal
    6. Die Young
    7. Coffee
    8. Just Dancing
    9. The Glow
    10. PARAD(w/m)E
    11. Hey Mami
    12. H.S.K.T.
    13. Radio

As if the day couldn’t get any better, I ran into the two immediately after the show back near the press lounge. For a good minute I honestly thought I was dreaming/hallucinating and then soon realized “OH. That IS them.” I proceeded to ramble, telling them how amazing they were, how much I love their music, etc, etc, etc. Meath responded so sweetly and humbly, extending her hand and saying “Thank you, so much. I’m Amelia. It’s so great to meet you.” She even told me she loved my outfit, and my heart dropped. I had never felt more fan-girl than I did in that moment. I, of course, had to get a picture with them or else it didn’t happen, right?

Needless to say, it was a day beyond words and I cannot wait to see Sylvan Esso again the next time they stroll into the good ole state of Texas.

For more information on Sylvan Esso, visitĀ and be sure to check out our other recaps on In Bloom 2018 here!

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