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In Bloom 2018: Beck Will Always Know Where It’s At

I can almost always remember how I discovered or was introduced to an artist or band. For Beck, I got to admit that I’m a little embarrassed, as “The O.C.” soundtrack may or may not have been a big contributor to this particular music finding. There were a few different tracks of Beck’s played on the show, but the one I fell in love with was “Scarecrow,” an oldie, but goodie. From there, it was as if I had walked into the magical new world of Beck, and I wasn’t going back.

I was in high school when I started watching the show and quickly fell in love with Seth Cohen, as did every girl who is immediately attracted to the adorable nerdy type. I digress though – this is about Beck, not Seth Cohen. But really guys, I think everyone was disappointed that show ended after a mere four seasons. Am I right?

Anyone else who’s watched the show would likely agree that it had a fantastic soundtrack, and it’s honestly where I was introduced to a lot of artists I still listen to this day: Spoon, Rooney, Nada Surf, Rogue Wave, The Walkmen, Phantom Planet (which side note – I just recently found out that Jason Schwartzman was in this band and I was SHOOK). The list could go on, but most importantly on the soundtrack: Beck.

Upon hearing that Beck was performing at this year’s In Bloom Music Festival in Houston, Texas, I knew I had to go. Just HAD to. I had seen him once before many years prior at Edgefest in Dallas, Texas (for fellow DFW natives, RIP 102.1 The Edge) and his performance sent me on a high. Four years later, he did so once again.

The crowd was by far the largest I had seen all day, and you could tell that most everyone there were true fans. I mean, you kind of had to be a true fan if you were to turn down Incubus headlining at the same time… (sorry, Incubus. I just love Beck more).

Beck’s performance was nothing short of magical, beautiful, a mix of emotions (I cried during his performance of “Blue Moon”), and just a damn good time (I also danced so much my legs hurt the next day). Everyone sang along and swayed, immersed in the man’s genius gift of storytelling through music. Though the largest stage at the festival, it still felt intimate, almost as if  Beck was a good old friend jamming out at a big party.

It was quite the lengthy set list, but by the end I honestly wished he could play 20 more.  Though he unfortunately didn’t play “Scarecrow,” he played several from the same album (Guero) and many others that I love.

Those bolded with links are my personal favorites.

  1. Loser
  2. Devils Haircut
  3. Black Tambourine
  4. Wow
  5. The New Pollution
  6. Colors
  7. Qué Onda Güero
  8. Mixed Bizness
  9. l’m So Free
  10. Go It Alone
  11. Lost Cause
  12. Blue Moon
  13. Think I’m in Love
  14. Dreams
  15. Up All Night
  16. E-Pro
  17. Where It’s At
  18. Good Times / Miss You / Once in a Lifetime / Cars / In the Air Tonight
  19. One Foot in the Grave
  20. Where It’s At (Reprise)

I sometimes wonder if this man is immortal. His music is timeless yet relevant, modern yet evocative, reminiscent yet fresh. He encompasses nearly every genre in his works, from folk to soul, funk to hip hop, electronic to country, alternative to psychedelic. HE. DOES. IT. ALL. It’s almost scary how talented this dude is, and he’s only in his late 40’s. Who’s to say what else he has to grace us with in years to come. I truly can’t wait.

For a few videos from the show look below, and for more coverage on In Bloom 2018 click here.

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