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Austin Hackney United Present Limited Edition Craft Beer “Cockney Cowboy”

In the midst of the SXSW chaos, we sought refuge at the relaxing the Oasis Texas Brewing Company and enjoyed the views, fantastic food, and most importantly the new limited edition refreshing beer, “Cockney Cowboy” Hybrid Red Lager.

Cockney Cowboy
Photo by Leigh Kettle

The new beer  was released on Sunday, March 11 and is not your ordinary beer; it has a story behind it. Not many may know, but Austin has been a Sister City of Hackney, London since 2014, and the two cities have held a strong bond since far before then. Austin Hackney United (AHU) dates back to 2012 when Austin and Hackney became Friendship Cities through their tech industry collaborations, but before then, the two cities held a unique relationship through Austin artist Joe Ely. While touring in the U.K., Ely encountered the early punk-rock band, The Clash whose members were sitting in the audience of his show. Ely and the band became immediate friends and began touring and recording together around the world. One of The Clash’s top hits “Rock the Casbah,” was even recorded in Austin. Given this friendship, the word “Calling” (after the band’s album “London Calling”) was added to create the event’s name, Cockney Cowboy Calling. Meanwhile, the word “Cockney” derives from the culture of East London and “Cowboy” nods to the Cosmic Cowboys music scene gatherings in Texas during the 70’s.

The beer itself, fashioned by Brian Dwyer of Oasis Texas Brewing Company and Jon Swain of Hackney Brewery, tastes both like a Texas amber and London ale. We’re already wishing we had another one in our hand right now!

The launch event was exactly what we needed after a few long days at SXSW and included beer tastings, food, music by Austin local band Vision Arcade (we loved their Clash covers!), and showcases of Triumph motorcycles and Mini Cooper cars. Be sure to go visit the Oasis Texas Brewing Company to try the beer yourself!

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