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SXSW 2018: Cuco, Mozzy and Rico Nasty perform at Fader Fort

Fader Fort hosted many acts from hip hop, rap all the way to indie pop on Friday, March 16. Acts included Cuco, Mozzy and Rico Nasty who performed late afternoon on the last day of Fader. If you want to know who closed the night check out the recap here

Cuco is an 18-year-old who hails from South Los Angeles and is often referenced as a “heartthrob” in local music media. Cuco came on at 4:30 p.m. and closed out his set with the song “Sunnyside” but not before he said a few words about his ethnicity and how it impacts his career and his path to success in the hip hop industry. He elaborated that he’s Mexican and how that makes it hard to make it in the hip-hop industry but that the representation is there and that they are “present, and we’re taking over.”

The evening acts kicked off at 5:15 p.m. with Sacramento rapper Mozzy. DJ Gio hyped up the crowd for the California performer exclaiming he wouldn’t “let him out until it’s a party”. Mozzy took the mic and the crowd began putting their hands up and cheering. Once he began talking to the audience and cheering “hell gang” the audience’s energy went even higher, as he performed his hit “Sleepwalking.” 

Rico Nasty
Photo credit: Marisa Martinez

Up next was female rapper Rico Nasty making her Fader Fort and SXSW debut. Rico Nasty utilized the entire stage and kept the crowd captivated and lively throughout her set. Starting off with “Slap A Bitch” she had the audience going from the get go. Throughout the performance, she was dancing up and down both sides of the stage and  even dancing with her fans that were close by.  By the time she had finished,  “Hey Arnold” the crowd began to mosh pit  and Rico Nasty encouraged it but requested that the female audience members participate.

Rico Nasty was cool when she faced technical difficult with her song “Rojo,” continuing through to the end the song without a beat with cheers from the audience! 

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Featured photo credit: Marisa Martinez

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