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Shy Beast Shows Off Moves at the Release Party for New Single “My Stride”

Austin-based electro-pop band Shy Beast (formerly MCG) held a single release party at the Mohawk indoors on May 20, 2018, and it quickly became a party. Though the band went on at 11, not a single member of the crowd was too tired to sing and dance along to the killer set. Fans of all ages were there to support Shy Beast and, in turn, to enjoy their Saturday night out – just because this was a single release show didn’t mean that the only exciting part of it was the release of their new track, “My Stride.”

Opening energetically with “Back With Me,” Shy Beast continued playing fan favorites for nearly an hour as the venue’s temperature rose from all the movement and hype. Lead vocalist Mariclaire Glaeser showed off her dance moves endlessly on stage, leading me to wonder how she has the energy to do it all without missing a beat (or a note). The bright lights the ensemble is known for lit up the room, changing color alternately and adding to the ambiance of the show. At one point, the bright green neon wire Glaeser sewed into her stylish, electric blue suit started to flash along with the music as well.

In between songs, the band interacted with the crowd and with each other in an endearingly awkward way. Watching Shy Beast play live is a one-of-a-kind experience, but they make you feel like you could be watching a group of your own close friends onstage, in the absolute best way. They never appear distant from their fans, and they welcome crowd interaction.

They closed the show with “My Stride,” which got everyone who wasn’t previously swaying, jumping or maniacally dancing into the groove. Even when they were finished, no one was ready for it. The crowd chanted “one more song!” for at least a full minute after the end of the set, before realizing there would be no encore.

If you get a chance to check out Shy Beast live, especially in as intimate a venue as the Mohawk’s indoor stage, I say do it! They are not only talented artists, but they know how to work a crowd and have some fun while doing it. They’re certainly one of Austin’s can’t-miss bands.

Read our interview with the band here and don’t forget to download and listen to their new single, “My Stride” available on Spotify and iTunes.  Make sure to follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook for more music coverage! 

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