5 Best Movies of 2018, So Far

2018 is flying by! We’re at the halfway point of what has been a huge year for movies. We’ve seen franchise giants reach their peak heights and dark horse horror films make a big splash. It seems that anything can happen at the movies! We have a lot to look forward to, in the second half of 2018, but there are some films that just stand out from the crowd! Here are our the 5 Best Movies of 2018, so far:

5. “Avengers: Infinity War”

Of course, we had to include this one. Some may argue that it’s really only half a movie, but sheer cultural significance alone puts it on our list. “Avengers: Infinity War” marks the pinnacle of 10 years of build-up. 10 years of lining up on opening weekends, to record openings, and reinventing the way we watch cinema with the innovation of mid and post credit scenes.

“Infinity War” had us feeling some kind of way and it will be a tough one to dethrone, as 2018 rolls on.

4. “Black Panther”

I know what you’re thinking, “Caitlin, your fangirl bias is showing.” Well. To that I say…


Yes. “Black Panther” makes my Top 5 (thus far) and, yes, it outranks “Avengers: Infinity War.” “Black Panther” occupies a spot of high-esteem as one of the truly great hero standalone films to come out of the MCU. This film was bringing exciting new worlds, vibrant design that rivals films even outside of the comic genre, and each and every character in “Black Panther” is so strong that they could support their own standalone films. It brought the thunder on EVERY level.

And that doesn’t even begin to speak on what “Black Panther” did for the conversation of diversity in Hollywood. Beautiful work. WAKANDA FOREVER!

3. “The Post”

While it may not have had the most successful run at the Academy Awards, there’s no denying that “The Post” is a damn good film.

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks are a dramatic dream team and give great performances. “The Post” was incredibly timely and packed a political punch that I like to see in my movies.

2. “Hereditary”

I’ll say this: The No. 1 slot has some competition.

“Hereditary” opened to insane hype and it did not disappoint. Truly horrifying. Masterfully crafted. No detail is forgotten. With “Hereditary”, I don’t know whether or not to praise it as a standout horror, alone, or for the absolute masterpiece that it is, across the broad spectrum of film.

Toni Colette gives a career-defining performance and I fully expect “Hereditary” to make the leap that last year’s “IT” couldn’t… straight to a seat at the table when Oscar nominations roll around. #HorrorForTheNomination2019

And finally… the Number One movie of 2018 (so far) is:

1. “Annihilation”

Fight me. This movie was awesome.

Subtle but compelling performances from Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez, and Oscar Isaac drive this sci-fi mindfuck. You know how I love myself some Oscar Isaac. The world of The Shimmer and, by further extension, “Annihilation” as a whole are disconcerting and terrifying. One of my sweet spots, when it comes to enjoying cinema, is when the movie is putting me on the same emotional plane as the characters. If the characters are afraid and lost, I want to be afraid and lost.

“Annihilation” brings stunning visuals to a defiantly complex storyline and I ate it up with a spoon. “Hereditary” nips closer at the heels of “Annihilation”, as I’m given time to reflect, but I don’t see “Annihilation” being knocked out of my Top 10.

Did I miss your favorite? Comment your Top 5 below! Make sure to check out our 5 Worst Movies of 2018, So Far. 


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