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5 Exciting Book Releases in 2019

So, you’ve set your reading goals for the year…but where to begin? Worry no more, because we’ve got five top-notch book recommendations that are coming out in 2019.

“We Cast a Shadow” by Maurice Carlos Ruffin

We Cast A Shadow

This semi-satirical look at race is the debut novel from Ruffin. The story is about a father with a biracial son in the near future. As his son’s skin becomes darker due to a black birthmark, the father’s fear grows, and he considers risking everything for his son to undergo an experimental procedure that will make him look white. Reviews have already compared “We Cast A Shadow” to Jordan’s Peele’s brilliant film “Get Out,” and if that doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will.
The release date for “We Cast A Shadow” is January 29, 2019.

“The Girls at 17 Swann Street” by Yara Zgheib

The Girls at 17 Swann Street

Another debut novel, “The Girls at 17 Swann Street” is about a group of girls who are in treatment for severe eating disorders. The main character, Anna, was a dancer; another girl in the treatment center is a veteran. This one is sure to be novel that goes to deep, dark places and have plenty of emotional resonance — but sometimes that’s what you’re looking for in a read.

The release date for “The Girls at 17 Swann Street” is February 5, 2019.

“Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault: Essays from the Grown-up Years” by Cathy Guisewite

Fifty Things That Aren't My Fault

Ack! The creator of the “Cathy” comic strip came out of retirement to write a book of essays! The tales told in this book are a mix of funny and heartwarming — just what you might expect from a book that’s centered around family. Anyone familiar with the aforementioned comic strip (and mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc.) will probably find something to like about this book.

The release date for “Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault: Essays from the Grown-up Years” is April 2, 2019.

“The Witches Are Coming” by Lindy West

The Witches Are Coming

Looking for your next feminist pop cultural and political critique? Look no further than West’s latest, in which she lays out how the messages we see repeatedly in film, TV and online affect us (whether or not we know it). “The Witches Are Coming” is certain to be witty and powerful, like West herself.

The release date for “The Witches Are Coming” is May 16, 2019.

“Bottle Grove” by Daniel Handler

Bottle Grove

Did you love reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events” growing up? Or even the later “All the Wrong Questions” series? Then your grown-up heart will be happy to hear that Lemony Snicket (real name Daniel Handler) has been writing adult fare as well! “Bottle Grove” is his latest in this category; it’s set in San Francisco at the start of the tech boom and seems to feature plenty of mystery and intrigue surrounding couples (and others) at a wedding.

The release date for “Bottle Grove” is August 27, 2019.

What books are making your reading list in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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