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“Legacies” Ep.1.08: “Maybe I Should Start From The End”

And we’re back! Y’all…”Legacies” is great. We had quite a bit of a hiatus and I was a little worried about it coming back and getting lost in its own rapidly growing mythology. Fortunately, for the first episode back, “Legacies” slowed way down again and told one small but important story.

We picked up almost exactly where we left off before the hiatus. Hope has received an SOS from Landon via their magic bracelets and she’s off to rescue him with no regard for the rules or her own safety. Luckily Alaric intercepts her before she leaves and we’re off for a classic adventure episode!

When we check in with Landon he’s managed to find his mother, Seylah (“Daredevil’s” Ayelet Zurer) who seems a little too psyched to meet him? We quickly find out that she’s not glad at all, to the point that she poisons Landon and then threatens him with torture by iron! And it’s on the steam setting! It turns out Seylah has been in hiding and is not at all interested in having her hiding place compromised. She’s also got a house full of rare looking antiquities that are suspiciously tempting to Landon.

On their way to rescue Landon, Hope and Alaric run across a “gas leak” on what I think was supposed to be Seylah’s house. It’s being overseen by the most suspicious dude who has ever been on this show. Alaric senses the potential danger right away and they keep looking for Landon. The big showdown and the bulk of the episode take place at a motel where Seylah has brought Landon.

What follows is more info dump than plot, but it’s all information we desperately need about Seylah and Landon and what is actually going on with Landon. It turns out Seylah used to be part of the supernatural CIA and was in charge of the disposal of creatures into Malivore (which turns out to be a medium sized tar pit). After a while she got suspicious so she started writing down everything she knew about the creatures and what was going on.

It’s after this reveal that everything gets a tiny bit hazy. At some point Seylah was sent into Malivore herself but it was unclear if it was a punishment or an accident or a choice. What is clear is that Landon was somehow conceived in Malivore, presumably with some kind of demon father. Who or what his father is and whether Seylah was into it or not remains a mystery but at least we know why all this shit seems to be following Landon like a plague.

While Seylah is laying all this out for Alaric, Hope and Landon are doing exactly what you’d imagine two teenagers who like each other are doing: messing around in an unsupervised motel room! Alaric interrupts them before much of anything happens and assures Landon that whatever urges he’s having are totally natural (hilarious and awkward).

Hope gets a few minutes with Seylah where she realizes Seylah is about to abandon Landon again and jump back into Malivore so no one will remember her anyway. She never wanted to be a mother and she’s not interested in it now so she’s taking herself out of the equation. Hope is rightfully furious about this since all Landon has ever wanted is a family, but before she can do anything about it Seylah shoots her with some kind of dart and runs away.

Our heroes follow her to a facility called “Triad Industries” which is exactly as sinister as it sounds. Malivore is housed inside and Seylah manages to infiltrate and swan dive into the pit while Landon, Alaric and Hope fight a swamp monster outside. Many things happen at once. Seylah hits the surface of Malivore, there’s an explosion out on the grounds and Alaric, Landon and Hope end up knocked out on the ground.

When they come to, no one remembers anything and they begin the drive back to Mystic Falls where Alaric has now decided Landon can stay (it’s about time). Through the episode we’ve had a voice over from Hope and the final moments of the episode reveal that she’s been telling this story to Alaric because she’s the only one who remembers everything about their trip including Seylah. She also managed to snag one of the suspicious antiquities that’s another key to Malivore.

All in all this was a great episode that gave us a big dose of information we needed in order to stay interested in the ongoing plot. Hopefully next week we’ll get back into the school and the rest of the characters but these last two episodes have been delightfully contained in a universe that is increasingly full and sprawling.

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