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Shuffle the Podcast Ep. 7: The Oscars Episode

It’s a very special Oscars episode of Shuffle the Podcast!

Before getting into all that Oscar talk, Cat and I recap the Hulu and Netflix Fyre Fest documentaries. How they approached the story differently, what they did well, and what the hell was going on with that whole dick sucking thing.

Make sure to go to Twitter for my genuine GIF reaction to it!

On this Oscar focused episode, Cat and I talk about our favorite nominees, the moments we’re most excited for, and the disappointments too. Beyond discussing the nominees, we dig a little deeper and talk about the new direction of the show and whether or not we like the “wide appeal” approach.

We tie a nice bow on the episode with a lightning round of upcoming films, the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals, and a shoutout to Leigh’s awesome music coverage.

Some of the things we mention in this episode:

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