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“Good Girls” Ep. 2.04: “Pick Your Poison”

One of the things I love most about “Good Girls” is how they don’t seem to fall deeper and deeper into crime in every episode. There are times when everything seems like it’s been righted again before they tumble off another cliff. Most of this episode falls into the former category before ending up spectacularly at the bottom of a steep ravine. Also I’ll be honest, I don’t have a good grasp on the plot of this episode because BETH AND RIO BANGED, Y’ALL!

Episode Synopsis:

Rio’s (Manny Montana) new business opportunity for Beth (Christina Hendricks) leads to a fracture in her relationship with Annie (Mae Whitman).

Now that that’s out of the way for the moment, we pick up with the ladies roughly where they left off. Ruby is wracked with guilt and highlighting sections of her bible making Stan suspicious. Beth is acting like nothing’s wrong, making crazy elaborate lunches for her kids and Annie is spending a ton of time with Boomer’s grandmother. Before too long Beth goes to meet Rio at a bar in the middle of the day where he tells her he thinks she could be something and then guesses her drink correctly. It’s the sexiest thing he’s done to date. Beth claims she doesn’t want anything else to do with the business and leaves.

Back at Ruby’s house Stan comes in from a day at work and admits to getting suckered into another payday loan. It’s actually completely adorable how much he was taken in by the place and how embarrassed he is when he tells Ruby. When she tells Beth and Annie about her new debt Beth decides to take them to the storage unit which is literally full of pallets of cash. It’s their payment for “taking care of” Boomer but Beth doesn’t want anything to do with it which leads to some tension with Annie. Without question the funniest part of this episode was Annie shoving stacks of cash in every available part of her outfit before struggling to open the storage locker door by herself. She makes a good point though. They technically earned the money, they may as well use it.

They all agree to take enough of the money to get them a little ahead and then burn the rest. Unfortunately as soon as they get back to Cloud 9 it turns out the policies have changed and they all three get caught trying to make their returns. It feels like they’re about to get in a lot more trouble but it turns out they just can’t shop at Cloud 9 anymore. It leaves them all with thousands of dollars worth of small appliances they have to unload somehow.

Beth, being the boss bitch she is, decides to loop Dean in on their money issue. All the cars from their dealership have been seized because Dean is terrible at business and has no money still. So Beth decides to use some of the counterfeit money to buy more cars and just make sure they sell them. As usual Dean is a fucking idiot and instead of selling the cars that people want he’s only trying to sell one fucking corvette. The girls join together and sell several more reasonable cars to specifically women which is honestly such a good idea while Dean condescends to women and tells them to “talk it over” with their husbands. It’s horrific to watch.

They do have a pretty good day though so Beth takes Dean to dinner and tries to talk to him about ways to improve the dealership. Her ideas are great and should definitely be utilized but Dean decides to be even worse than usual and tells her to stay in her own lane making the kids lunches. You can see on her face that this is the exact moment Beth decides to stick with Rio and make money. What we don’t know until Beth and Dean wind up at the same bar from earlier in the episode is that it’s also the moment she decides she’s going to let Rio bang her in the bathroom.

Good Girls - Season 2
Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Matthew Lillard as Dean Boland | Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC

Holy hell you guys…If you’ve seen the movie “Unfaithful” there is a moment after Diane Lane cheats the first time where it’s cutting between the actual sex scene and her thinking about it on the train. It’s interesting and sexy and you can see all the emotions on her face. Well I’m here to tell you network TV can bring the same levels to a scene like that because it’s exactly what happened here. And Dean is none the wiser because he’s a man and he has no idea what his wife is capable of. It was spectacular to watch, especially after a season and a half of buildup.

While Beth is having the best night of her life, Annie is hanging out with Boomer’s grandmother Marion. She’s managed to find out that Marion is getting evicted and that her money wasn’t being managed well. Luckily Marion is smarter than she seems and she realizes that Boomer was stealing money from her for probably years. It’s a nice note to throw in that Boomer is somehow even worse than we thought he was. He was probably just totally ready to let his grandma get evicted and become homeless. It makes me even happier that he’s dead, if he really is dead…I’m still nervous he’s not.

Rounding out the episode, Annie tells Gregg once and for all that they can’t be together. Nancy has kicked him out and it feels like he’s grasping at anything to keep his head above water. Unfortunately, Annie is not it and he seems to accept it even though he’s sad about it. Agent Turner also goes to visit Mary Pat who is up to her eyeballs in children. It’s too bad she’s not able to get more on top of her stuff because she’s unaware her kids saw her chop up Boomer until one of them literally rats her out right in front of Agent Turner! I can’t wait for the fallout from that.

Finishing up the episode, Beth goes to see Dean at the dealership. Why, I don’t know, he’s just the worst. And as usual he makes things worse when Rio turns up at the dealership too. It turns out he took the money back from Beth because he wants to wash all his money through the dealership now. Beth and Dean don’t go for it at first but once he starts smashing the Corvette with a baseball bat Beth changes her tune pretty quickly. So now they’re all in metaphorical bed together which is sure to lead to some hijinks and some more stupid behavior from Dean.

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Featured photo credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

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