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SXSW 2019: Japanese Breakfast was a Dream

Indie pop musician Japanese Breakfast had over four performances this year at SXSW and was certainly an artist no one wanted to miss. The solo musical project of Michelle Zauner, Japanese Breakfast made her debut just a few years ago through her album “Psychopomp,” an album she wrote shortly after her mother had passed away from cancer. Though she anticipated this album would be her last, her quick rise to fame forced her rise out of grief and reflect on the life ahead of her.

Japanese Breakfast at SXSW
Photo by Leigh Kettle

I hadn’t first heard of Japanese Breakfast until last fall when my boyfriend made a playlist for me while I was in the hospital (cue the mushy “awwwweee”s). Yeah, a modern-day mixtape – he’s adorable like that. Anyway, one of the songs was her hit “Everybody Wants to Love You,” and I soon fell in love with both that song and all her music. Upbeat, catchy, experimental, and delicate, Japanese Breakfast dishes out those kinds of songs you can’t help but nod your head to and smile.

As soon as I heard she’d be performing at SXSW I knew I had to catch one of her sets. I eventually saw in the schedule that she’d be at the Dr. Martens’ party on Rainey and knew it was made to be (I had just become a Dr. Martens’ enthusiast). On a sunny Friday afternoon, I joined friends on Austin’s beloved Rainey Street to enjoy a cold beer and her addicting, poppy tunes that had everyone swaying and smiling. It was the perfect intro into the last weekend of SXSW. Also, I must say that her cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams” was MADE for her. I honestly have never heard a better cover of The Cranberries since Andy Bernard sang “Zombie” on “The Office” (if you don’t get the reference, watch the video below).

Hehe, just kidding.

Songs in the full setlist at Japanese Breakfast’s performance at Dr. Martens’ Presents COLLiDe (Container Bar) include the following (those bold with links are my personal favorites).

Check out our full photo gallery from Dr. Martens’ Presents COLLiDE below, which also includes shots from Japanese Breakfast’s opener Cherry Glazerr and other fun things going on at the event (including FREE TATTOOS).

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Featured image & photo gallery credit: Leigh Kettle/Shuffle Online

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