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Old Settler’s Music Festival 2019: Sweet-Sounding Saturday

The Old Settler’s Music Festival in Tilmon, Texas was held from Thursday, April 11 to Sunday, April 14. Old Settler’s is one of my favorite festivals of all time (not exaggerating, y’all).

A weekend full of music, relaxation, nature, and good camping, Old Settler’s is a festival of its own kind. Each year is an amazing and new experience, and 2019 certainly did not disappoint. I’ve been delving into the whole weekend bit by bit and reminiscing on the good times that were had. Below are my highlights and favorite shots from Saturday, April 13.

Penny and Sparrow

Penny and Sparrow is dynamic duo featuring Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke. Both Texas natives, Andy and Kyle create music that touches the heart and soul while simultaneously making your foot tap. Though their music is melancholy and emotional, these two dudes are quite possibly the funniest people we saw on stage – borderline comedians in between songs.

Their new single “Eloise” will be out on May 3. Pre-save here.

Wood and Wire

Wood and Wire is the pure definition of bluegrass. Featuring Tony Kamel (guitar), Dom Fisher (bass), Trevor Smith (banjo), and Billy Bright (mandolin), Wood and Wire is a local band here in Austin, one that our city has grown to love. Their set brought everyone to their feet dancing, hearts leaping.

Their album “North of Despair” was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Bluegrass Album.” Take a listen here.

Hayes Carll

Another Texas native, Hayes Carll is said to be “at the forefront of a generation of American singer/songwriters.” After seeing him perform at Old Settler’s, I completely believe it. With witty yet poetic lyrics and melodies that will pluck your heartstrings, Hayes Carll is an Americana artist you MUST see live.

You can buy his newest album, “What it is” here.

The Lone Bellow

Originating from Brooklyn, New York, The Lone Bellow is an American/indie folk/alt-country band that features the spirited Zach Williams (guitar/lead vocals), the glamorous Kanene Pipkin (mandolin/bass/keyboard/vocals), and the soulful Brian Elmquist (guitar/vocals). We had the chance to see them perform at the Granada Theater in Dallas last year. This year was the band’s second time performing at Old Settler’s, and they once again woo’ed the crowd with their breathtaking harmonies.

Listen to their EP “Catchless” here.

Brandi Carlile

A three-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and producer, Brandi Carlile has been practicing music since she first learned singing at the young age of eight. Since then, she has grown, expanded, and blessed many with her raw, emotional melodies and lyrics that nearly all can relate to. For all the details on Brandi, be sure to check out the recent article we released prior to her speaking at SXSW! This was my first time seeing Brandi live, and I have to admit it was an experience I’ll cherish forever. WHAT. A. PERFORMER.

You can download or stream her Grammy award-winning album “By the Way, I Forgive You” here.

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