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Old Settler’s Music Festival 2019: Brandi Carlile Created Her Own Windstorm

Old Settler’s Music Festival 2019 was held at the Homestead in Tilmon, Texas April 11-14 and I’m still reeling over the phenomenal weekend I had camping, hanging, and doing my favorite thing – listening to live music (read ALL about it here!).

Brandi Carlile at Old Settler's Music Festival 2019
Brandi Carlile at Old Settler’s Music Festival 2019 | Photo by Leigh Kettle

This was my fourth year attending Old Settler’s and by far the best lineup I’ve seen thus far. Who was I most excited to see, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple: Brandi Carlile. Sound familiar? That may be because we’ve posted about her recently, as she spoke at SXSW with actress Elisabeth Moss (read more here).

Now a three-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and producer, Brandi has been practicing music since she first learned singing at the young age of eight. Since then, she has grown, expanded, and blessed many with her raw, emotional melodies and lyrics that nearly all can relate to.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

I’d by lying if I said I didn’t cry during her headlining set on Old Settler’s Original Black’s BBQ Stage that Saturday evening. Though chilly winds started rolling in through the Homestead, festival-goers stood their ground and basked in the warm, comforting melodies that Brandi graced us with. Witty, adorable, personable, and charismatic, Brandi was everything I hoped she’d be and more. Between songs that brought all the feels, she shared personal stories that left us feeling as if she was performing in front of a group of good friends, just a typical Saturday night… gosh, I wish I was her friend.

Some of my personal favorites I enjoyed seeing her perform include “The Mother,” “The Story,” and “The Joke.” As if the magical evening couldn’t get better, Brandi brought up the Lone Bellow (you may have seen us mentioned them before here) on stage to perform one of my favorite songs, “Angel from Montgomery,” originally written by John Prine but covered by many other famous artists, most notably Bonnie Raitt.

Though I was miles away from the stage, the vocals and melodies carried so beautifully through the air that it felt I was in arms-distance of the stage, an intimate experience despite the hundreds of people that filled the festival grounds. It was one of those moments I immediately realized I’d never forget, seeing my favorite artists’ worlds collide on a small stage in Tilmon, Texas. That is the beauty of Old Settler’s, a festival that brings in world-renowned talent without sacrificing their roots and purpose – bringing the community together to simply enjoy music.

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