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“Good Girls” Ep2.09: “One Last Time”

With only four episodes left of the season, I’m still pretty unsure of where we’re heading. I would be delighted to find out what Agent Turner’s actual game is, not to mention what Annie’s whole role in this is going to be now that she seems to be telling Noah all about her thieving. But what I’m most interested in is why on god’s green earth Beth thinks staying with Dean is the right answer to any of her problems!

Good Girls - Season 2
Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland | Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC

Episode Synopsis:

Stan (Reno Wilson) faces the consequences for his role in Ruby’s (Retta) criminal dealings. Meanwhile, Dean (Matthew Lillard) gives Beth (Christina Hendricks) an ultimatum, and Greg (guest star Zach Gilford) clashes with Annie’s (Mae Whitman) new boyfriend.

We start out with a pretty idyllic morning at the Hill household. Ruby and Stan are trying to get the kids fed and out the door for school when Agent Turner shows up with another cop to arrest Stan right out in the open. Honestly, Turner’s been on my shit list for a while now, but this just pushed it over the edge. He is like a dog with a bone and he will not let it go. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s going to go out like the DEA agent from Weeds for sure. He’s just going to keep digging and digging until he realizes he’s in his own grave at the very last minute.

Beth is able to meet Dean at the park with the kids to talk about what’s going on and honestly, he can go die with Turner also. I don’t understand how the best dudes on this show are the semi-dirty cop and the gangster, but it’s true. Everyone else is full garbage. Dean has the nerve to give Beth a hard time about meeting Rio at the park in the past as if he would ever hurt her children or any children. Either way, Dean is trash and he’s insisting they have Emma’s birthday party at his mother’s house.

Moving on to more trash aka Gregg who stops by Annie’s place to drop of a Starbucks gift card as a thank you for “delivering my son.” Honestly, it was hilarious and Annie called him out on it pretty immediately but not before Gregg sees Noah in Annie’s robe. He’s pretty jealous and super judgey but Annie sends him away.

Ruby goes back to the payday loan place to get bail for Stan and the guy behind the counter is as big of a dick as he was before. But it gives Ruby the idea to rob the payday loan place. After Beth has a less than successful meeting with Rio she agrees to do it. Unfortunately for the girls, once the place is closed you can’t open the safe again. Instead of just letting it go as a bad job they decide to kidnap the guy and keep him all night! Hijinks obviously ensue and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had with the show this season. The guy, JT, requests a burrito and then Annie has to feed it to him all while switching through his playlists. It’s wonderful absurdist and physical comedy from all involved.

All in all JT is very chill about being kidnapped and even about helping them rob the payday loan place. When they get back in the morning he lets them take everything, including a bunch of the files that Ruby decides to take last minute which is when he realizes who’s robbing the place. Ruby goes back to the place during regular business and asks why he’s not turning them in. He admits that he wants to use Ruby’s address for his nephew so he can get into a better school district and get a leg up. She agrees and it’s actually a very nice moment.

While the girls were out kidnapping, Noah was left alone at Annie’s place and he immediately started snooping, including in Sadie’s closet! Sadie catches him though and they end up having a pretty fun night watching Top Gun and eating too much take-out. When Gregg shows up to pick up Sadie he gets into a little bit of a pissing match with Noah but it’s over pretty quickly. When Gregg comes back the next day to talk to Annie I rolled my eyes at first but he’s being legitimately concerned when he says he’s a d-bag so he can recognize other ones and he thinks Noah is bad news. It was a nice moment for Gregg who’s been a pretty mixed bag this season.

Ruby picks up Stan from jail and tells him the truth about where she got the bail money. At first I thought Stan was going to be mad about her stealing again but it turns out he’s super proud of her for stealing from the dick at the payday loan place. He continues to be the only 100% non-problematic man on this show.

Which brings us to the 98% non-problematic man on the show, Rio. Beth meets him at the bar again but then tells him she forgot his cut at the house so they go back to her house and bang one out. Honestly, it’s not as hot as in the bar bathroom, but literally what could be? It does appear like Beth is getting something out of her system though when she tells him she’s done with the pills and the cars and the fake money and by extension Rio himself. He appears to take it in stride but I don’t believe for one single minute that he’s going to let her go so easily. She’s got a knack for the crime and he kind of needs her at this point.

Closing out the episode Beth and Ruby are having nice home cooked dinners with their respective families and Annie meets Noah at a bar to ask him if he’s a d-bag or not. At first it looks like he might be about to confess about being undercover but instead he starts trying to entrap Annie by telling her he’s on probation for stealing from his last job. Unfortunately, it looks like Annie is falling for it and telling him about her thieving which is such an Annie move.

I’m hoping she doesn’t tell him everything because then we’ve gotta worry about Annie going to jail and Gregg raising Sadie which I don’t care for. On the other hand it will be good drama for the rest of the season, so who knows! I’m definitely still a little worried about Stan and I’m sure Beth is mere moments away from rejoining Rio’s life of crime. Either way, I can’t wait.

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