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Peter Bjorn and John Was the Object of Our Affection

Swedish indie pop/rock band Peter Bjorn and John (also known as PB&J) stopped by 3Ten ACL Live on Friday, April 26 and quite literally brought the heat to Austin’s 2nd Street District (I was sweating after all the dancing that inevitably commenced).

Photo by Leigh Kettle

Currently on tour promoting their new EP “Darker Days,” the trio features Peter Morén, Björn Yttling, and John Eriksson who have been together since the band formed back in 1999. In fact, they will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary just next year – talk about a milestone!

The three have created eight albums together, and their newest doesn’t fall short of their classic, melancholic indie pop style that simultaneously introduces fresh and new elements of rock. Though I’m a bigger fan of their older albums, particularly “Writer’s Block,” I was excited to see them perform live for the first time and get familiar with their new(ish) sound.

Photo by Leigh Kettle

Seeing these guys perform was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me, as I had first been introduced to their music way back when I was just a mere high schooler, a young lover of music with unrefined tastes (I’d like to think PB&J changed that 😉). Hearing their timeless songs like “Amsterdam,” “Young Folk,” and “Up Against the Wall” brought me back to those awkward yet wonderful years, flashbacks to driving in the car with the windows down, laughing with my friends as if we had no worry in the world (thinking back to it, we truly didn’t).

When you see these dudes perform, it’s evident how well they know each other, how well they vibe. You can also tell how comfortable they are performing, that it’s truly a passion of theirs to deliver their tunes to fans and music-lovers alike. I mean, if you’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years, I would imagine that’d be the case!

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