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I Tried Thinx Period-Proof Panties and Here’s What Happened

My first thought upon putting on my Thinx panty was that there was absolutely NO way this would work. How was it possible for a panty, as sleek looking as this, to hold two tampons worth of…well, you know, period blood? I had heard so much about these panties that I had to go for it and try it myself.

I happened to be off the day I wore my first Thinx panty, so I thought rather than sit at home and wait to see what happened, I would work out and run all of my errands and stay active. So I slipped on my High Waisted Thinx panty (meant for heavy days) and headed out. Periodically, I’d run to the bathroom and check the “status” of my “period panty” and the stains it may have left on my blue jeans…nothing, ZERO moisture and ZERO stains. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe this panty was really working.


At the end of the day, I removed my jeans and they were just as clean as when I had put them on—not a single period stain! My flow is pretty heavy the first few days so to have worn the panty and had nothing oozing out or being “smelly,” it was pretty darn amazing. How though?! Was this magic?!


I went to the Thinx website where it explains exactly how these super period-proof panties work. There are four layers of anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant fabric. The first layer helps keep everything bacteria-free and helps send any liquids down to the last layer so you always stay dry and moisture free. Very cool and innovative stuff.

So, has Thinx changed my life? Yes! Spending $24-$38 a panty is definitely worth it as it is sustainable for the environment and you won’t have to purchase pads and/or tampons ever again.

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