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SXSW 2018: King Combs and Rae Sremmurd Close Out Fader Fort

Fader Fort is the ultimate SXSW venue to get into. Have you seen those GIFS of lines to get into Fader Fort? The struggle is real! Lucky for us, we got in for the last night! The honor of closing out the last night of Fader Fort went to special guests, King Combs, Cool Young Niggas (C.Y.N.) and Rae Sremmurd. Before getting to the closers, rappers Blocboy JB and Sahbabii took the stage to get the night’s festivities started.  

Blocboy JB performed “Shoot” and was all over the stage hyping the crowd up w his constant dance moves. You know it’s Fader Fort when a mosh pit is ordered! Blocboy JB not only asked for a mosh pit, but joined in on the action jumping in to join the crowd. If there’s no pics, it didn’t happen right?! His crew flooded the stage to record and take photos as he interacted with the audience.If you’re only going to have one song to perform at SXSW and at Fader Fort, you better leave an impression which Blocboy JB certainly did!  Rapper Sahbabii took the stage after for a short set and then the anticipation got real for the final act!

Finally, after a few technical glitches that plagued Fader throughout the day, the son of Puff Daddy or P.Diddy as he is known now, King Combs took the stage with hip hop group C.Y.N. (Cool Young Niggas). With the help of technology, King Combs Facetimed his famous father, Sean Combs so that he could see the performance and see his son’s shining moment! When the phone was flipped, Combs appeared joyful and proud of his son’s performance. Talk about a moment that is just the epitome of SXSW!

Each year Fader Fort has special guests who are usually quite famous. Previous guests have included Miley Cyrus, Drake and even the legend P. Diddy in 2011. The final performance went to special guest Rae Sremmurd who had been rumored to perform just a few few hours prior Twitter. Throughout the performance the brothers were throwing their clothes out, water and even letting the crowd partake in boozy activities by passing a handle of liquor to the crowd.

The energy of the crowd was like no other throughout the whole set, but when they performed one of their biggest hits from their second album, ‘Black Beatles’ the crowd erupted. Swae Lee crouched down and rapped to the audience for some time and later threw himself off the stage and joined the audience. The performance was sheer madness, but the good kind and best way to end Fader Fort. After the final song and the lights went down, Lee returned to the stage and began gesturing to a few female audience members that he wanted to take a photo with them. They exclaimed they couldn’t reach him due to the barricaded press viewing area in front of the stage, he gestured for her to toss her cell phone over to him. And in true, epic SXSW fashion, he caught the phone, took a selfie, which prompted more audience members to toss their phones to him, snapping more photos before leaving the stage for the final time.

What a way to end a great lineup and few days at Fader Fort!

Featured photo credit: The Fader

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